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Expert Website & Application Developer

Web & Mobile Application Development Process

Phase 1 : Initial Consultation & Requirements Gathering

Once we receive your enquiry, we will assign an account manager to your project who will liase with you to gather initial requirements of your project such as system objectives, process flow, functionalities, etc. The account manager will then collate the information that you have provided and schedule an appointment with you for a meet-up with one of our consultants  for a detailed discussion and consultation. Right after this consultation session, we will move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2 : Overview of System Flow & Functionalities

A summary flowchart of what has been discussed in the consultation will be drafted and sent to you for verification by the account manager Once the system flow and functions are confirmed, your account manager will proceed to prepare the official proposal and again schedule another meeting to go through in detail as well as to confirm the project. 

Phase 3 : Technical Specifications & Wire-framing

Once the project has commenced, the development team will perform system planning and draft out detailed process functions, system flow with page wire-frames as illustrations. This would then be submitted to the client for approval. Upon receipt of official confirmation for the drafted technical specifications, development phase will commence.

Phase 4 : Development & Programming

This is the phase where actual programming starts on your system or application, communications will be managed by the project manager assigned to you.

Phase 5 : User Acceptance Testing & System Live

At the completion of development based on the technical specifications approved, we will invite the client users to perform a User Acceptance Testing to ensure that the system is functional and crafted as agreed. Once we receive the UAT sign off, we will then proceed with the system handover. 

Fulfilling All Your Development Needs

Ever purchased or subscribed to ready developed systems and find it not suitable for your needs ? This is the main reason why, there is no way a single development can cater for all industries and for every single company. In short there is no “One Solution Fits All” system or software in the market, workarounds implemented for functions that do not cater for your needs. Pretty sickening isn’t it, especially after you have spent a fortune on purchasing it and long hours trying to get it to work.

At theWebD, we do the direct opposite. We go through your processes with you in detail, getting to know your exact requirements and your main objectives of the project. Based on that, we create a solution to fit your needs. No more of working your needs around the solution which simply don’t sound right to us.

As what you can see in our development process flow, rest assured that every single detail will be covered and brought to your attention even before starting the development by our experienced consultants. The end result would simply be a system or application functioning the exact way that you would want it to.

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What Some of Our Clients Say …

"It was a great experience working with theWebD. From enquiry stage to completion, we were attended to professionally, and they provided great insights which helped us achieve cost effectiveness and efficiency for our project."

− Helena Lin, Senior Branch Director, M.O.R.E. Property Pte Ltd

"Alegna Group has played an integral role in creating our web entities. Having selected them to handle creatives to marketing produced far beyond our expected results. Would strongly recommend Alegna's team for all your online needs!"

− Gerald, Principal Consultant, Mobius Holdings Pte Ltd

"We've engaged theWebD Studio for different websites of our individual products across the self-help industry. Despite the low project value for each project, we still received professional advise on the priorities that we should be working on to achieve optimal lead generation. We have had designers who focused a lot on aesthetics but the end results paled in comparison for lead generation, which we believed should be the core for each business."

− Joel, Principal Consultant, Altius Technologies Limited