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Custom Web Design 

Our Web Design Process

Phase 1 : Initial Consultation & Requirements Gathering

Once we receive your enquiry, we will assign an account manager to your project who will liase with you to gather initial requirements of your project such as design, objectives, functionalities, etc. Upon establishing the required, your account manager will schedule an appointment with you for a meet-up with the consultant overseeing your project for a more in-depth discussion as well as to present our solutions. After that has been done, your account manager will guide you on how the project will proceed.

Phase 2 : Providing Us With Your Creative Brief

Upon project confirmation, our design team would need to have a good idea and visual of the kind of design that you are looking forward to have. They will craft out a series of questions which your account/project manager would go through with you for your detailed answers. These answers would form the very foundation of your website design on what to go for and what to avoid.

Phase 3 : Design Conceptualisation & Mock Ups

Once the design team confirms that the information is sufficient for them to work on your website design, they would then start the conceptualisation phase and prepare 2 Design Mockups of the Website Homepage for your choice. At this stage your account/project manager will present them to you and explain the differences and how it addresses your provided creative brief. With this you would choose 1 concept and the design team will go through 2 rounds of refinements to tweak the selected concept to your requirements.

Phase 4 : Design Application to Entire Website

Once the selected concept is finalised after the rounds of refinements, the design team will then apply the design concept to the remaining internal page layouts.

Phase 5 : Approved Design Handover to Development Team

Once the entire Website Design is completed and approved, the design team will then handover to the development team for the integration and programming of the required functionalities. 

How is a Website Built ?

A completed Website is the result of 2 major processes. First, the Design Process and afterwhich the Development Process. There is often a misconception that a website is completed once the design is done, that is absolutely not true. An easier way to explain how a website is built would be to look upon it as a renovation project of a home. It all starts when you start letting your interior designer know about the overall feel that you want your house to be which would be our Phase 1, 2 and 3 of our Design process. The second stage after this would be to discuss the layout and furnishing for each and every room which would be our Phase 4 of our Design Process. Once all the mockups and details are approved by you, the interior designer will start to handover to the builders, carpenters and other ground crew to begin the actual built which would be our Phase 5.

Once after handover the project manager will be the main liason and coordination point for all works to be done. If there are any major design or layout changes requested by clients during this stage, a variation order would be submitted to the design team again and it would move in the very same way as described above.