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Targeted Online Marketing  

PPC Marketing – Your Never Ending Supply of Leads !

Pay Per Click Marketing puts your advertisement right in front of your prospects who have already expressed interest in your services or through websites that your potential prospects will usually visit. As it says Pay Per Click, you will only pay when a prospect clicks on your Advertisement and visits your website. The most Cost Effective Marketing ever !

Why Engage Us for PPC Marketing ?

We DO NOT just dump your Advertisements up and hope for the best while your budget goes down the drain …
Our Specialised team of Google Adwords and Bing Ads (Yahoo and MSN) certified professionals literally takes the effort to structure, design, test and optimise your Pay Per Click campaigns through professionally crafted processes by our industry leading digital marketing consultants!


Market Research

We research and analyse the competitive landscape of your niche based on the primary keywords and provide you with an overview of the amount of visits we can generate for your business.

Campaign Structuring & Build

We structure the campaign plan targeted at your business goals and various variables so that as the campaign progresses, it would be clear on which are the components to improve or remove.

In Depth Keyword Research

Research will be conducted on the very search terms that your customers usually input as search queries when search for your products or services. Using tactics such as negative keywords we further narrow down to those who has the highest lead conversion possiblity.

Engaging Ad Copywriting

Our Copywriting team writes advertisements that are audience engaging which attracts readers to click!

Banner Placement Management

We do not simply dump your banners on every website possible. Our team searches for the most suitable websites that are most relevant to your niche as well as the optimal positions where users will definitely notice them.

Management & Optimisation

We don’t just let your advertisements run. Our team continuously split tests your ads and manage your keywords to achieve optimal ROI and cost effectiveness.

Advertisement Extensions

Once we have achieved a good placing and stability of your advertisements, we utilise extensions such as “in-advertisements” site links, product photos and much more to increase awareness and exposure!


Search Engine Marketing


Display Advertising