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Company Logo & Collateral Design  

Our Logo & Collaterals Design Process

Phase 1 : Initial Consultation & Requirements Gathering

Once we receive an enquiry for Logo or collateral design, our account manager will get in touch with you to determine your design requirements as well as the intended usage of your collaterals. The account manager will then schedule an appointment with you for a meetup with the consultant advising on your project. In this meeting, you will be able to better understand the project processes and at the same time clarify any doubts that you might have. At the same time, our consultant will discuss and finalise your requirements and also present some possible solutions which may address your need better for your consideration.  

Phase 2 : Providing Us With Your Creative Brief

Upon project commencement, our design team will list out a series of questions that they need answers to in order to visualize the clients’ ideal design. This list of questions is what we refer to as a creative brief. Your account manager will then liase with you to complete the creative brief in detail which will form the very foundation of what your design concept is formulated on.

Phase 3 : Logo Conceptualisation & Mock Ups

Once our design team has determined that they have all the information that they need, they will proceed to conceptualise your design and provide you with 2 design mock ups according to your detailed answers in the brief. You will then select the mock up that you prefer and then the design team will refine it based on your comments. 

Phase 4 : Design Application to All Collaterals

At this stage, you would have confirmed and finalised your chosen concept after the rounds of refinements with the team. The design team will then apply the chosen concept on the rest of the requested collaterals for your confirmation.

How Logos & Collaterals Designed ?

A Logo gives an identity to your company in the simplest form and provides the basis of consistency in all collaterals.  Logo design often misunderstood as the brand of a company, a logo design identifies a company via the use of a mark , symbol or font types deriving its meaning from what it symbolizes. It does not sell the company directly. In our logo design process, we go through a process to understand your business and what your company would want your logo to symbolise via the creative brief. Once our design teams understands and has a good grasp of the qualities of your company they will get down to getting the initial concepts up and afterwhich further refinements to complete a Logo.

Collateral design would be slightly different. The initial requirements gathering would be more focused on the objectives of the particular end product which varies. Upon firm establishments of your requirements, conceptualisation stage will commence and once a concept is finalised it will be applied to the full collateral set.